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May 15th, 2013, 07:20 PM
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Take it with a grain of salt. You can just uh-huh them to death like I do my grandmother.

My mother and family didn't agree with the way I chose to discipline my children or the boundaries I set for them when they were little. To be honest, neither one of them did a stellar job raising their own kids and I knew I wanted to play a more active role in my kid's lives. They just saw me as "hovering".

But no one complains now when they rave about what well behaved and respectful little gentlemen they are today. What a joy they are to be around.

Yes, because they are the little heathens you raised us to be as kids. LOL

But, its part of life. Don't get too angry. Pick your battles. Some, like this one, just isn't worth it.

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