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May 15th, 2013, 10:48 PM
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So I've been "planning" my baby shower I swear since I found out I was pregnant... I've at least had the date sent since then.... This is not my first but my daughter is 9... so we definitely need to get everything all over again. Am I crazy for starting so early? We decided that the nursery will be The Lion King so I'm going in that direction for the shower too... Safari/Lion King.

What's your theme?
How many people are you inviting?
Will it be indoor or outdoor?
Catered or home cooked?

Just curious....

I've already said my theme
My guest list has about 80 adults & 20 kids
We are doing indoor with a little outdoor (for the kids)
Catered... I'm going to get a taquero (taco man) but we will have some home made appetizers/snacks/desserts
DEF NOT Coed... IMO, Baby Showers are for females
Yes, I'd rather people get stuff they know I want...
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