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May 16th, 2013, 01:11 AM
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For the life of me I cannot find this article I read a few weeks ago! Gah! If I come across it I will def share it with you girls. But, I have been thinking about it and I keep re reading it in my mind.

DH and I have been one and done foreverrrr, but there are key times when we talk about the pros and cons of having more. I am always leaning towards no more, and so is he. Then I see siblings playing together and the joy in Drakes eyes when he sees that and runs to them to play and I am like "I can do it again." Then all these thoughts run through my head about how I will have to split my time, chose what games to go too, who is sleeping, who is not, who is waking up who, and then I am like "Yeah I totally don't want more kids." I cannot tell you how many dance classes my Mom missed because I had 3 younger brothers. How many games she missed. At one time my brother and I had graduation on the same day, different places yet not close enough for my parents to go to both so they missed mine. I am 28 years old and I still remember how sad I felt. I do not want that for my son. I never had a childhood. I was raising two younger brothers (before the third was born), I had so much responsibility when I should not have. My Mom could not read to me anymore because she had two boys a year apart running around and by the time she got to me I was asleep. So, really my decision to just have one is very personal. Dave also had a terrible childhood. He lived all over the world because his parents were Military, they were never home and spent no time with him. So me and Dave kinda feel like we owe it to Drake to have what we didn't and never blink and eye on anyone else.

Now, here is where this article comes into play.

This woman had a toddler, 2 years old and got pregnant. She was saying how life was all about him and she loved that, she loved napping with him, giving him baths, doing what he wanted, just focusing her whole self onto him. Then she felt the first kick of her new baby was not happy. She felt regret, because every kick she felt was one stop closer to not having alone time with her son and one step closer to him having to share her. She did not enjoy her whole pregnancy. When the baby was born she cried because she was sad her son was not number one anymore and almost all of her attention had to go to the new baby. So long story short, she did not enjoy her pregnancy, she did not enjoy the newborn stage etc etc. She talked about how her first would cry when she changed her new babies diaper and she would cry too. She said she felt bad for having another baby because her first was so upset. I can totally understand what she is saying even though I do not have another baby nor am I pregnant. But I would imagine this is exactly how I would feel.

So my question, for you ladies that have more then one, have you ever felt this way?

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