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May 16th, 2013, 08:04 AM
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I like the idea of tacos at your baby shower but the party seems huge! I hope you have help planning..

I do not like attending baby showers, and hate sitting in a circle watching moms open baby presents off their registry. The last one I went to was at night so I thought YAY a real party! But then it was a baby shower and the men had to guess what kind of poop looking candy was smeared in diapers and then they had a gender reveal mardi gras beads game and then they didn't reveal the gender. It has poisoned me on baby showers. I probably won't have one but if my friends do what they suggested (something small, brunch-y and not fussy) I will not protest - I think they want to have something for the baby but hate baby showers too. We are a bunch of haters, hahaha. Whatever it is, I hope it's small and there are no men and there is bacon. Or tacos. Or desserts. Basically I would like to have food and good company and have people send good vibes to the little baby.
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