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May 16th, 2013, 11:28 AM
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I think that if you have another you will be very surprised. You're a good mom, and you want what's best for Drake, and will certainly feel that way towards the new baby (barring issues like PPD, which can pass with time and care). That's enough (I think) to make everything work out fine.
It's a new balance, and a different dynamic, and there will be times that the older child will have to wait. But you all become accustomed, and all of your lives and the potential to become much richer for it.
There have definitely been times where I felt guilty for having more, but most of it was from false feelings (for example, before I knew Eliana had autism, a lot of people said it was simply my fault she was so behind and out-of-control. I assumed it was because I couldn't do 100% for her when I was pregnant, but I know better now).
The majority of my feelings towards my 2nd and 3rd babies are more like gratitude and love, and I really believe that Eliana's, and Eli's and Baby's lives are all better because they have each other.

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