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May 16th, 2013, 11:28 AM
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I think each one is different in this aspect and will have some items that will be acceptable handmedowns while some wont and vice versa. As a general rule though, it would be good to follow safety standards and make sure none of the important items are expired, recalled etc. (example: cribs, car seats, baby carriers etc.)
Me I am not comfortable with handme downs from other people - especially clothing & personal items. But I have nothing against people who do. I gave a ton of my DD's clothes, toys etc. to my best friend here who had a baby girl last year. They are quite well off, but my friend does not mind hand me downs. So she loved it. I let her pick what she wanted to keep and give away what she didn't. I have kept aside a few party outfits, halloween costumes etc. from DD partly as keepsake and partly to use for the LO if its a girl But most everyday clothes I got rid of. I am re-using the crib as we found out that our babies hardly use the crib. DD slept in the swing, bouncer, our bed, car seat etc. Everywhere but the crib. I also have a video monitor that I had loaned out to my friend. Hopefully she is done with it and I can start using it (her kids are 5 and almost 2) I will also probably re-use our car seat stroller combo and will get an additional car seat for our second car and a light wt umbrella stroller when baby is a bit older.

I say pick out what you like and give away the rest. It all depends on how much you are comfortable with
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