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May 16th, 2013, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by ratladee View Post
To be honest I think that lady you read about might have some mental issues. :-/ There is something underlying there
You read my mind, there. If nothing else PPD, but I think perhaps that combined with something else from her past. Not to criticize her because most likely it isn't her fault she has those problems, but it does sound like she needs a little help. My heart goes out to her, but more so to that second baby if she wasn't able to seek help. Feelings like that can lead to resentment of the child and that just isn't fair. It reminds me so much of my younger cousin Jordan, whose parents admit they did not bond with him or love him at all. They never had any issues with the first or third children, though. Just him. He has so many problems now because of them.

Anyway, I have three siblings myself. I grew up with one and I couldn't imagine how much more a nightmare life would have been without him. I still feel that way, I guess our bond runs that deep. I never hesitated knowing I would gladly have more than one. If we can, we will. We obviously haven't though so, I was going to refer to other people's children. I've seen some parents who did an excellent job with two kids. The kids were close as close could be, no emotional or mental health issues. They improved each others lives in a way. I've also seen some parents who did a terrible job of it, and it really destroyed those kids. Of course some of those first kids had been failed by their parents long before the second child was thought of.

I know it can be done in a way that is healthy for the children. It just takes a little figuring out sometimes because every child is different.

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