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May 16th, 2013, 12:44 PM
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Enjoy it UM, the kick back and relax.

FW, we are behind because of all the sickness that went on around here. We're trying to catch up.

I've had a bit of drama. Let's see if I can give the condensed version

Sam's BF was supposed to come over. When it got late and he didn't show she got concerned and called him. He was drunk and with my nephew (not blood, but loved the same). These two together is not a good thing, they feed off one another. So of course she is hurt and pissed, BF and her get in a fight and my nephew decided to take BF's phone and starts chewing her out and calling her names. Yeah, I am not a happy momma. The fight was between Sam and her BF, even I stay out unless asked for help. Nephew and BF aren't were they say they are and no one hears from them. DD is sure BF is going to break up with her and blame it all on her, this has happened in the past, but it has been a long time.

Nephew's wife is pissed. I'm pissed, and his mom and dad (legally but not biologically he came to them in his 20's) are pissed cause mom spent a bunch of money on a camping trip she didn't have, and then he pulls this and doesn't show up when he's supposed to.

Boyfriend calls this morning and does apologize and doesn't try to blame DD. DD decides to not go to work (she showed up here at 8 am, climbed in my lap and cried, broke this momma's heart). Before she showed up she called the girl she gives a ride to work. A girl who doesn't help with gas, and when DD mentioned it is breaking her break said girl told her to borrow from her parents, cause "it's not like Sam goes out of her way to pick her up", she does but not much. Here's the kicker this girl and her boyfriend start to threaten my DD threaten to kick her ***, but they're so broke they tell Sam to come to them, so they can beat the **** out of her! WTH? I've been telling her to stop giving this girl rides but Sam is a softy at heart, hopefully she stops giving her rides. Then her boss calls and starts chewing her out for not showing up to work, she did call, but mid tirade realized something was wrong. Told her to take the day and she could get her *** chewing tomorrow.

She's had one hell of a 24 hours.
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