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May 16th, 2013, 12:58 PM
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So my husband did a really stupid and dangerous thing with our daughter. She is fine and it was a stupid mistake but I was furious. Long story short we fought about it for days, he walked out for hours, which just made me angry because he was the one at fault and running away won't solve what he did.

Anyway I kept trying to get him to sit and talk about things, as these days of fighting made us start fighting about other things too. He kept putting off talking, not really paying attention or just kept telling me to talk.

In a moment of frustration I ended up telling him that I can't trust him with the baby, and that if he refuses to talk about things then we are better off as friends and that I was done fighting but I was also done with us being a couple and we would just live together as co-parents.

Once I stopped trying to work on things all the fighting stopped and things were just calm and nice. He told me a few times over the next day that he still wanted us to be together and that he loves me but I kept shutting him down because honestly I liked that we were not fighting and just wanted the peace to stay.

I did go see someone and so did he. I do realize that it was a mistake that he made and he loves us. I do love him and I want us to be together or really just break up this situation of living together but not being a couple doesnt work.

So now I don't know how to get things back. He doesnt want to talk about anything, he is so polite and helpful but there is no hugging kissing or anything between us...what can I do from here to try and get us back to being a couple but making sure he realizes what I need from him?
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