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May 16th, 2013, 01:47 PM
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Hi everyone. I pop in and out every so often. I lurk more than I post these days. In case you don't know or remember me, I am stefanie, 41 years old. I have six kids ages from 19 months to 12. Last march began the longest year of my life with my first miscarriage. That was followed by three more, the last being jan if this year. Nothing found to be wrong... Just "old eggs" and luck of the draw. We decided to not try any more. My last cycle began march 22 and ended the 29th. Cycles are usually 29 days. Dh did the deed one time on the 31st and we were not protecting as it was too early in my cycle. I shouldn't have ovulated for more than a week. Well low and behold I got a bfp! I was terrified fully expecting to miscarry. We had a scan last Friday at 7+1 and expected to see no heartbeat and behind behind growth as we have seen so nany time, my symptoms have not been strong at all and some days I don't even feel pregnant at all. Well the scan revealed a 7+1 fetus with a heart rate of 146bpm!! We are so happy but now I am in fear again. Some days I feel nothing and I'm afraid my baby had died. I worry all day long. Am I being silly? Do the chances if loss drop after a great xcan with strong heartbeat and right on growth? Ugh! I just want to enjoy this!
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