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May 16th, 2013, 01:55 PM
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I had really wanted to go all natural and was completely prepared to go 2 weeks over if that's what it came to, but I'm trying not to get myself down or get anxious about being induced if it's necessary. I completely trust my midwife and my OB. I actually just got a call from my midwife that they're going to do another ultrasound at my appointment to get a BPP because the perinatologist recommended it. Luckily my regular OB can just do it in the office. It kind of freaks me out that they want one, but I also really appreciate that they want to be thorough and make sure baby is doing okay. I also found out that no matter what, it'll either be my ob or midwife delivering the baby. And even if it's my midwife that is on hospital duties and I need a c-section, it'll be the doctor that did both of my sister's c-sections. So no matter what happens, I'll never have to deal with a stranger. That's very comforting to me.

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