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May 16th, 2013, 03:00 PM
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I am all for hand me downs, but there are a few things I would only want to purchase new. I think it also depends on who the hand me downs are from. When my first son was born, me and my husband purchased lots of clothes for him. I recently went through them and many of them look brand new. Some even had tags on them still. As he started to get older, we got hand me downs from some of his nephews and we really appreciated it. One of my husbands coworkers gave us hand me downs but many of the clothes were stained and not my style so I donated most of it. In the beginning it is fun to buy new things, but once they start growing quickly I found that the hand me downs really did save us lots of money!

Personally, I am not opposed to taking hand me downs and sorting through what I like. Things that can be washed are especially great. Items like a Baby Bjorn that probably weren't used too much can clean up great and will save you alot of money. Stuff that is important for safety such as a car seat or crib would probably be best to get brand new or from someone you know well and trust.
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