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May 16th, 2013, 03:01 PM
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Ohh, I LOVE hand me downs! We bought most of our stuff new with DS, and I was shocked how the $$$ kept adding up... that kid was EXPENSIVE! With DD, I reused all the stuff we had from DS, and bought clothes second-hand at consignment stores. Baby clothes get used for such a short period of time that you can find almost-new items at consignment stores for like $1-2 a piece!

The things I would not buy used or take as hand me downs are: carseats and breast pumps. Both for safety reasons.

Swings, bouncers, etc. I'd totally take hand-me-down... this time, it's our own hand me downs since we have 2 kids already and this will be our last.

I would also say maybe gauge it based on the item's condition and dirt level... I didn't take clothes with stains or holes, and toys that had crud all over them. If things looked decent and were easily washable, then I'd take it. I just know that after my kids have been done with some of our toys, there are spit-up stains and all sorts of stuff in there that is nearly impossible to clean off. I wouldn't want to give that stuff away to someone else, and I wouldn't want someone else giving me stuff that looked like that either!

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