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May 16th, 2013, 05:38 PM
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Hello ladies!

Sorry I disappeared for a while there. I had family visiting, DH travelling, DH's midterms, lots of appointments with the High Risk doctors and was just feeling a bit overwhelmed and not very sociable and pouring myself into bed as soon as I had a minute to myself.

We had a good appointment with the HR doctors, finally, and baby is doing well so I'm enjoying a breather between that appointment and my next one.

I'm sure I've missed a lot while I was gone, but I did read through a bit--I'm sorry about the loss of your grandmother, M2M. UM you do sound SUPER busy--good luck! I barely have the stamina to read about it right now, and I barely have 25% of the kids that you do! And M2M, I'm sorry about Sam's drama. I hope she avoids that ungrateful angry girl and I hope that she and her BF are doing ok. I never know what to tell people who find out about cheating either. Part of me wants to suggest they just stay out of it (but of course not lie, like you suggested!) and then part of me worries about STDs and feels like the partner should know... but then I also wonder if maybe he/she DOES know but doesn't want to know, KWIM? It's a sticky situation.
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