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May 16th, 2013, 06:33 PM
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Posts: 43,573 you have any Christmas traditions you are planning on including your newborn in (if you celebrate Christmas. If you don't, but celebrate something else, same question! lol)

My due date is actually Christmas day, but we'll be inducing a week early, so I know Rolo will be here before Christmas.

We all have stockings I've made

And I'm going to have to start earlyish to get a stocking done in time for this one, so I've been searching.

If Rolo's a boy, I really like this one

Or for a girl this one

Now if only I knew the sex for sure! I'd buy it right now! (I LOVE the train one, but I really do think it's a bit more boyish, or I'd just buy that one.)
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