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May 16th, 2013, 06:58 PM
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Originally Posted by irishblessing View Post
I hope she goes to bed and has a good night for you.

Dom is sitting in a time out right now while his sister plays outside. Basically for being a total jerk. He sprayed the BBQ with the hose so I said stop. He wouldn't, I went to take the hose so he sprayed me in the face. So I took the hose and hung it up. Then he flipped out and damaged a couple of my pea plants. I told him he was hurting them so he went all out trying to squish as many as he could I hate it when he behaves like this. My daughter was never just outright bad on purpose... she never wanted to hurt things or do things to hurt people like he does when he's angry.
Sterling still gets into those "fine, I'll just make it worse"'moods where he just amps up whatever we said to stop :-/ its better than it used to be but, man, I wish he would grow out of it completely!
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