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May 16th, 2013, 07:31 PM
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Lauryn has already had bananas, avocado, and sweet potatoes. She loves it all!

She hates the rice cereal, so I may try some oatmeal or barley cereal with her instead.

My Dr. said we should really be doing rice cereal only until 6 months due to allergies... however, I read a more recent article that shows the allergy risk isn't really all that much higher. So there is a ton of conflicting info.

DF's mom followed the rules by the book with him (which were the same-- not until 6 months) and he still has a TON of food allergies. He never had them as a child, but developed them closer to teenage/adult years.

I'm kind of just going with it on her schedule. We don't do food every day and when we do, she still gets a bottle, so it's definitely not replacing anything.

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