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May 16th, 2013, 07:32 PM
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In the past I have done 2 years toward my early childhood education teaching diploma.... Started my BA about 3 times... just because I felt I 'should' be studying, that I NEEEEEDED a degree under my belt to be seen as successful...

I've taken a few years off and this year FINALLY began the qualification that *I* want to do because I am passionate about it, and want a career in the field. I'm doing a Bachelor of Communication, which is a very broad degree - with about 5 major fields to choose from. I am majoring in journalism studies, and have a minor in expressive arts (creative writing, script writing, etc etc).

I will hopefully finish my degree in November 2015, and after that MAY go on to do a post graduate diploma in journalism, so I can be a qualified journalist, which has always been something I've been really interested in & wanted to do.

I'm also an aspiring author, and I guess in a perfect world I would be able to write for a living... but I guess I'll still be doing that as a journalist!

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