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May 16th, 2013, 07:37 PM
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Thank you

So I am thinking if I can remember it even though I'm already on cd 7 that in the morning I might go ahead and start temping again just to see what my temp does this cycle. I'm feeling good so far about this cycle due to the fact that there is so much less stress in my life right now, and things are finally starting to turn around. I didn't get to buy any new opk's today because I ended up working late but I will be able to tomorrow since I get off earlier. I'm kind of exciting that I will be off work all week next week and I'm hopeful that my fertile time will happen then so we will be able to bd anytime we want.

I feel like everyone around me is getting pregnant, and I'm trying so hard to stay happy for those people but part of me is jealous, and I truly hate that about me right now. I would want them to be happy for me and I'm trying to do the same. Deep down I just want to curl up and cry sometimes when I see others with their bfp's knowing how hard I have been trying. That's one reason I love these boards, there is women going through similar situations, and I'm always very excited and happy to see any of you ladies get your bfp's.

Ok that's my whining for the evening, clomid must be kicking in lol.....

Thank you *Kiliki* for amazing siggy!

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