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May 17th, 2013, 07:31 AM
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Thanks Laura

I used to homeschool my oldest. He was very social and after three separate years I just stopped. I am also a teacher by trade so I literally got him into the best high school situation and with my (former) colleagues My 10 year old wants to homeschool and with her new hormone changes, I'm not sure I'm ready for that. LOL..I do like the concept of homeschooling and have only met one mom who really should NOT Have homeschooled her child - basically propogating the opinion that homeschooling is bad for children, etc. Her son was still an "emerging" reader in third grade. Um, at third grade it could be an LD and maybe needs more assistance....I taught English, so I'm a little familiar

About the birth control: Um, yeah I wonder. I'm not really any MORE tired than previous pregnancies, but I do know that I wasn't this nauseous in any capacity, nor this dizzy. In fact, I was never dizzy before. Also, my clothes didn't get this tight this I'm not certain if it's an "age" thing or a "weight" thing or just a "multiples" thing I will definitely let everyone know what is up

As an aside, I do get hungry different times/different ways. For example, I woke up famished at 4 a.m. I thought, WOW...I cannot go back to bed and lay there hungry. So, I had a banana. I felt that was a good choice.

Thankfully everything else is going well. I struggle to get through my work but, I am guessing it's more about my exhaustion than anything.

When did you all start wearing mat clothes? If this is your third, fourth, or more pregnancy, did you feel you were showing sooner? Or, if you have multiples, did that play a part in your wearing of mat clothes?
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