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May 17th, 2013, 07:57 AM
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Cheapest way to move is a UHaul and some generous friends (who you pay with pizza and beer) to help you load and unload. If you can't get anyone to do the six hour drive to help unload, you can pay some craigslist dudes on the other side (they're usually reasonable and hiring them will offset the cost of paying for your friends' gas to get there and get back, which will be a non-trivial amount of money). Probably you just need a couple of hours of labor (if your husband helps out, it'll be even less) to move big furniture and a few key boxes into the home and perhaps the rest can just go quickly into the garage, if you have one, so it's out of the way (be sure to mark the essentials clearly) and you and your husband can unpack at your own pace over the next few weeks.

Uhaul will rent you a truck and trailers for spare vehicles. If one car can tow the bike, then your Uhaul can tow the other car. You and husband each man a vehicle and voila; a one-trip move. I think you could do this move for under $500.

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