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May 17th, 2013, 08:10 AM
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WOW, Brittanie! Those stockings are awesome! We have needlepoint stockings, and so I'll have to look into getting another one Baby will more than likely be here early Dec or even late Nov. My kids have all come between 1-3 weeks early, so I'm thinking closer to Thanksgiving than Christmas.

I'm also the main shopper, wrapper, decorator, etc... and it'll definitely be quieter. HOwever, I bet the grandparents will be up if the signs start to show and they will pitch in significantly

Depending on how early baby comes, we'll also try for Santa pics with them all and including baby in the yearly calendar we make with all the kids' pics.

I'm smiling so big now, thinking of it
Gwynne, celebrating the newest of our four precious miracles

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