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May 17th, 2013, 09:03 AM
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Thanks for your advice & support girls!!! I truly appreciate it.

To be honest, there have been days I really think that this should be our last & then there are days I'm not so sure. When my mom was alive, I used to ask her all the time how she knew she was done growing her family & her reply was that you just know.... that you just reach that point & nobody can make the decision for you. Getting my tube cut is such a permanent decision that I'm just not ready to make, if anyone can relate?? After the comments started flying during my 4th pregnancy, I went to the one OB in the group whom I am closer with & I told him that maybe the other OB was right & that it was time to get my tube cut during delivery. His reply-- he said he wouldn't recommend it because he could 'just see it in my face' that it would be a decision I'd regret.... & many years later, I see that he was right.

Anyway, the pressure I'm feeling from my curent OB practice is beyond disgusting & irritating. As comfortable as I am with 3 of the 4 doctors in the practice, I really feel it's time to change practices. Surely they all can't be this uncaring!
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