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May 17th, 2013, 09:37 AM
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Last night I had what I am calling a "nightmare" about this pregnancy. No, I didn't dream about a miscarriage. Nope, it wasn't about grotesque birth defects. No, instead I dreamed that even though my 12wk and 15wk scans showed a singleton pregnancy, that I was having TWINS! Twin BOYS!

At our 15 week scan, the baby was looking very "girly," but it was still a bit too early to tell... but we're definitely thinking it's a girl. And to be honest, I kind of wanted another girl, but I wasn't dead set on it... we already have one of each, so I didn't think I'd be disappointed if it was a boy, even though I kinda wanted another girl more (just because I LOVE my daughter's clothes and I wanted to reuse our girl clothes instead of our boy clothes... I know, superficial, but true). So yeah, in my dream I am fuming mad about how the last ultrasounds could have missed a whole baby in there! And then I was pissed that they were both boys!!! Maybe I want a girl more than I thought....

Anyway, I know this isn't really a "nightmare," since there's nothing wrong with twins or boys. But wow, was I pissed about it in my dream! And it felt so real too... I woke up this morning convinced I was having twins (which totally would explain why I feel so huge and STILL feel sick!).

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