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May 17th, 2013, 10:09 AM
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I LOVE hand me downs and second hand I have no qualms.. But I am picky And cheap

Believe it or not I am actually keeping a list of the cost of everything and most things besides the clothes I will be able to sell close to or the same price as I got it for..

Last time I bought

Phil and teds
cloth diapers
And sold them all for the same I bought them for.. Easily.. I just waiting until I found good deals and kept them in super condition and then sold them again less that 8 months later..

This time I hope to do the same.. I see no sense storing things like bouncy seats exersaucers etc.. When I can sell and have so much fun re buying if necessary

So far I have bought 16 grovia cloth diapers.. PINK for $5 each.. excellent condition.. New they are $25

I have bought a few things new from my sis's clothing store.. Just Dandy Clothing Super cute european stuff.. All the sale stuff She is super about it though cause we are not well off..
I got quite a bit from one lady for $30 of the facebook swap last week and to be honest I think I am set for newborn...

I bought a used crib that I plan to paint to match the dresser I refinished a while ago.

This way I can still enjoy dressing my kids cute but not spending money that I don't have..

Now I want to take a pic of my stash so far

The same sis who owns the clothing store has one boy 1.5 years older than my oldest and I got so many cute hand me downs in excellent condition.. Now my second boy has used them.. She loves it when she sees them wearing them and I love hand me downs so it works well...

Hope I don't sound silly or too cheap.. but I just LOVE doing this Makes me feel good.. haha


Thank you Jaidensmum!

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