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May 17th, 2013, 11:41 AM
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I am not quite to this point yet since Drake is only 17 months old but I can offer some input. First of all, in my opinion, kids always act different when they are around other people. Not just anyone, a close family friend, etc. I have noticed that kids will behave better for other adults as well, not all but some. I think it's because it's not the same person they see all the time.

Drake will also be Home Schooled, and I have thought about ways that I can discipline him and socialize him too. We take him to the park a lot which in turn teaches him how to interact with strangers, and he is quite friendly and outgoing but very polite. We also take him to the library, and there is a kids section and there are always kids running around. Do you have something like that around you?

I also think that since she is only two, she is still very young and her behavior seems very normal to me. She is not going to listen, whether at all or not that often. Drake knows that "no" means but he will still do stuff at times. There brain is constantly on high speed and the world is soooooo new to them. It's overwhelming so sometimes I am sure she forgets how to be "nice" and listen. Like for example, Drake is more calm at home, then when we are out he is a monster! He is not bad, he is just full of energy and running around, touching everything, etc.

I do not think you need a strict schedule. I do not have one and that has worked for me, but what works for some does not work for others. That is going to depend on what your day is like.

What would I do? I would not worry about it honestly. She has so much time to thrive and learn discipline. Keep telling her "no" when appropriate and tell her why even though she has no clue what you are talking about. It will take a lot of you repeating yourself, hang in there.

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