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May 17th, 2013, 12:30 PM
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Ok this has been weighing on my mind for quite some time, but I can not keep it to myself any longer. My df is not circumcised so last cycle when we were bd ing he got a very small tear in the foreskin and now when he is fully erect and we are doing the bd it is hurting him a bit, so for us to have intercourse everyday is nearly impossible for him because it gets really sore. So I have been surfing the web regarding at home insemination so today he did his thing in a cup and we used a syringe without the needle to put the swimmers where they needed to go, I will be honest I really have No clue if this will work or not, I just do not want to miss my eggie and want every chance I have to catch it so what our plan is, is to BD every other day and use the syringe method in between. Has anyone ever had any success getting pregnant using a syringe?Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated. I know I read that after he ejaculates that we should let the sperm sit for 30 mins or so and then other sites say to use it right away,I am just curious to what your thoughts on this subject is.Thanks
Women who have not tried this method may say that there is a risk involved, but I don't think they know what they're talking about if they haven't even tried it. I am 14 weeks 1 day pregnant by using the syringe method. It took 4 months (trying 3 days in a row while ovulating), but my little one is alive and well, and I did not get any infections or have any problems at all. Each time we tried, the semen was in the plastic tupperware cup for 30 to 45 minutes before insertion. I have had 2 miscarriages and an ectopic using the traditional method of getting pregnant, but the syringe method seems to have worked wonderfully. Every time I tried, I pushed the syringe as far up in as I could comfortably, then my husband pushed the plunger on the syringe. The first 3 months, I had an orgasm while inserting the semen. The last month, my husband just inserted it without orgasm and that's when I got pregnant. I layed on my back with pillows under my backside for about 15 minutes after insertion. The semen stayed inside me for 30-40 minutes after I got up before leaking out. I think if there was a risk of infection, I would have had problems (I did it for a total of 11 times). I saw my babys heartbeat on sonogram doppler at 5 weeks 6 days, and have heard the heartbeat(s) twice since then. Don't let someone who has never done this method discourage you from trying. I am so glad I tried it, and ecstatic that it worked!
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