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May 17th, 2013, 01:56 PM
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Ok, I just needed somewhere to vent right now. I really hope yall don't mind

I am getting married this Thursday. Already bought my dress last Nov. It didn't fit as of last weekend. I had a friend overnight her dress to me from Northern Ohio and it came in yesterday. It fits. Barely. This preggo can't eat all week if I wanna keep fitting into it.
I don't have a clue how this decoration thing is gonna work. My mom and I are decorating it all ourselves. Trying to save money because we already rented a venue for our Sept wedding, which is now just going to be a large 300+ people celebration/reception. This wedding ceremony will have 34 people there. Which was really really hard to go from a 346 person guest list to 34 important people I want at my ceremony... I feel guilty and like crap for having to tell people we didn't have room...

Our rent is going up in a few months, so, we have less than 60 days to find and get approved to live somewhere else. Bad part is, we have to stay in my DDs school district and there are VERY FEW houses/apartments in this area that are available. Top district in the city.

I am getting laid off as of July 1. My company is downsizing. I wont be able to find another job while I am 5 months pregnant, especially since I am already starting to show...

My SO is starting to get really upset bc we havent DTD since we conceived this baby. I just dont feel like it... I tried, but got irritated before we even started...

My transmission is slipping and would not accelerate at all on the way to work today. Uggggg... My wonderful 23 yr old car that has been so so so so good to me, is finally dying and I am so sad.

I want to get over this nausea so so bad.. I want to be able to eat more than a few bites. Or at least something with more flavor than rice without getting sick...

And the icing on the cake, my dad just called and is being taken to the ER because he is having bad chest pains. He has COPD, a collapsed lung in 2001, and high blood pressure/cholesterol. My dad is one of those that doesn't go to the Dr. Ever. Even when he really needs to. He voluntarily asked to be taken to the hospital. So, now I am freaking out, waiting for the next 10 min to go by so I can leave work and drive an hour(without A/C in 90 degree weather) to go and be with my dad, after I rush to get DD from school and take her to my grandma's, because neither one of my sisters (who are both off of work today and do not have kids) are able to make it up there with him.

OK. Sorry for the novel and all the run on sentences... I just had to get all of that out there...
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