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May 17th, 2013, 02:26 PM
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Hi All!

I used to be apart of the board a long, long time ago when ttc my daughter 6.5 years ago. Since then, she's big, she's full of attitude, she's mini-me. 6.5 years later DH and I have finally decided to give it a shot and have one more because lets face it, we're both getting older.

I've been with DH for just under 11 years. A year after being together we got pregnant, without trying, with twin boys. Our joy didn't last too long. At 17 weeks I had placenta previa which caused early labor and we lost our boys. For the next 3 years we were trying naturally but crazy cycles and bad timing wasn't on our side. Ended up getting on clomid and it worked like a charm the very first time and we were blessed with our reason for living.

So now, we are trying it again. Finished my last dose of clomid yesterday and cant wait to start trying.

Re-joining JM cause no one really knows we are trying and its so had to keep it to myself. I need people to share this with, people's opinions, thoughts and listening ears. So, hope you guys are ready to hear all of the coming details
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