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May 17th, 2013, 02:51 PM
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I'm not opposed to girls night, or guys nights. This wasn't even a planned night. My nephew, is really my bestfriends husbands sons, although they are not blood related, but instead born during a period where him and his first wife were going through a divorce, but because they were legally married he took my friends husbands name. There were actually 3 boys, 2 they believed weren't his, the oldest he was raising. After meeting the other boy, no question it is his. The boys come from a really rough hard background, all of the boys have been in and out of jail, and have really struggled. The boy in question has come a LONG way, the other boys still struggle everyday. He see's them as mom and dad, and he tries but sometimes he slips. His wife knew this going in, honestly I wouldn't have married him....yet, but she chose to anyways. He has a good heart he just does really stupid things sometimes, like I said the progress with him has been amazing, but whenever he is in a happy spot he does something to screw it up. It's like he does it on purpose, and we haven't figured out how to help him see that he does it.
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