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May 17th, 2013, 02:54 PM
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Well, I am a writer after all

When we go to things for my kids, we usually have a sitter stay with the other kids, or one of us stays if they prefer our usual sitter to go to the game. (At this age, they think it's way more cool to have their sitter go to a special event). It works out for everyone because it's a treat to go to an event and to bring who you want, and it's also a treat to stay home with a preferred sitter or parent.

I think it's normal to think that you have to "divide" yourself to have more kids, but most AP moms I know when they have more don't feel divided--they feel their love has multiplied.

I also think it's normal to want the opposite of what you had. My friend for example is 30 and won't marry her boyfriend because he doesn't want kids, and she wants kids. Well, not only does she want kids, one isn't enough. She wants a lot of kids. But she was an only child. I was also an only child (for many years, anyway) and I wanted to have a lot of kids. I think it's almost like a pattern--only kids wish they had had siblings, and kids with siblings wish they had been an only child or want their kids to be only children.

It's that whole "grass is always greener" thing
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