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May 17th, 2013, 03:43 PM
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I think it's fine as long as you are aware and okay with the possibility that your child will chose not to keep the nickname once they are in school or potentially at any point in their lives. Nicknames evolve for many reasons, some of which are the parents creating them for ease or because it just happens to be something the child is called a lot in life.

We named our daughter Josephine...but would much, much prefer to not have her called Josie. To prevent this, we have chosen to implement the nickname "Jo" instead. Naturally, we are aware that when she hits school age, if she wants to be a Josie, we will have to adapt. But it's really not that different to use a nickname loosely tied to the name.

My brothers boss goes by Shorti. No one even remembers his real name. All his life his older brothers called him Shorti and it just stuck. So it's not terribly weird to me to nickname a child something sort of "outside the typical" nicknames for their given name.
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