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May 17th, 2013, 04:09 PM
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I mean everyone I have the displeasure of being around in real life. People are irritating me. Like the two different neighbors who each have 4 or 5 kids a piece and see no issues sending them over here to play every single day while they just relax inside.

The first few days it was okay. I was outside anyway doing some yard work, but c'mon. really???? You let your kids over here every single day. I swear they tell them come over here to play.

I keep sending them home and they keep coming back. ughhhhhhh.

Me and dh don't do girls nights or guys nights or even couples nights.

I would like you guys if you knew how to watch your own children, which I am just assuming you all do. None of

you seem like the send your kids over to someone elses house to play over and over types.
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