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May 18th, 2013, 01:35 PM
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It's very early still in my pregnancy but I couldn't help but tell everyone we know that we are expecting. Well, almost everyone. We haven't told the in-laws for several reasons. Both DH and I would like to hold out as long as possible, but how long is too long to wait? We don't want to be super rude but our sanity is more important at this point. DH's mother in particular is very obsessive and neither one of us can handle her craziness right now. She invites herself to every Dr appointment and acts very hurt when we tell her "Not this time." Every time she saw me last pregnancy she would touch my belly, look down at it as if she's talking to my son and say "How's my baby today?" After we lost Clyde (2-3 weeks after) she brought over a stuffed Camel that she named "Clyde" after some Clyde the camel song... IDK, but she had a dumb smile on her face as she sung the song... meanwhile my heart was aching and I started crying. She then proceeded to say that her pain over the loss of our son is greater than mine and that I couldn't possibly understand because not only does she hurt because she lost her grandbaby, she hurts because she see's our pain as well. I can't possibly understand her pain?! SHE HAS NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!

Would it be horribly inappropriate to not tell them at all and just wait until I'm obviously pregnant and they bring up the topic themselves? What do I say when they ask why I didn't tell them? I could give them the truth as to why we didn't tell them right away, but the truth hurts sometimes, ya know? I guess I'm looking for advice and maybe first hand experiences with this if there are any. I hope all this doesn't come across as horrible.

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