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May 18th, 2013, 02:16 PM
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So I don't know if it is the hormones or if I am just around stipid people lately, but it's driving me nuts. Yesterday I was in Sears looking for maternity clothes. They moved them upstairs next to the children's clothes. I pick a few things and go to the dressing room. I have my son in his stroller with me and cant' get into the dressing room because they have this step thing on wheels plus the return item rack in front of the door. I start to roll it out of the way and the sales lady comes running over like I am wrecking the whole place and insists that it must stay right where it is. I tell her I can't get my stroller through the door and need to move it. She refuses... I tell her seriously, that pregnant people and people with children are the only ones up there and they don't have it set up to get a stroller through? So you have to lift your stroller WHILE you are pregnant?

Then I go in Walmart today. They have these chocolate covered granola bars in one of the sample things. The boys run up to it and the lady tells them they have to have their parent's permission. I am standing there and say it's fine, so DS2 takes one. She makes some face and says something about it, like she is frustrated that he took it. I told her, he's 7, he wants a sample and I said it was fine. She said they are protein bars and not for children. Well what do you think kids are thinking when they see chocolate and free samples??? I am sure a bite of it won't hurt them anyway and besides, I am the parent.

Then I go to check out and the lady puts the cat food next to my kids' food in the bag. I told her she should place cat food or cleaning products in with food. She just looks at me. Seriously, that is gross. Then she is too lazy to move the litter off the belt. So after I paid, I ask my oldest to grab the litter. Then she said that she forgot to ring up the icing because it was behind the litter. Well lazy butt, if you had moved it like you should have you would have seen it. So then she has to ring that up separately. Grrr.
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