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May 18th, 2013, 04:05 PM
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I actually replied to you the other day (my usual lengthy response) and then it didn't post and I was too tired to retype LOL and today I have been cleaning like a mad woman! Tomorrow is daughter's state championships and then mondays are always busy. When I reply here, though, I like to give myself time

I feel bad for my daughter because she has my husband's terrible teeth. She takes better care of her teeth than anyone in our house, brushes after EVERY meal, and is constantly getting cavities She hated the dentist until we found this new one, which is why we stick there even though he's a hassle.

Did you call that new doctor yet? I hope it's a better fit! I do want to debunk some of the scare tactics about vaccinating your kids, though. Of course, it varies state to state, but most states have a religious exemption (that's what we use) so you don't need a doctor to sign off on that. Medical exemptions are harder to get and philosophical exemptions are rare in most states.

Now, if there is a break out, yes, your child has to stay home from school, BUT that's a good thing. Personally, even if I vaxxed I'd keep my kid home from school if there was an outbreak because tons of vaccinated kids catch things during outbreaks. It won't count against their attendance to pass a grade, either. I can see how being out of work during that time or needing a sitter could be a pain, but on the other hand, the same will happen if your child has a vaccine reaction or catches the disease while being in school during the outbreak (even if they are vaccinated they can catch it), or if your child ends up with bad allergies (common in vaccinated children) or a breathing disorder or neurological disorder. I mean, personally, I would take my chances of them missing school during outbreaks than the other things, which would be a problem more often.

I would be really concerned if they made vaccines mandatory, though. It's crazy (to me) to think they could force anyone to inject substances into their body against their will.

Time IS running out and it's scary! But I'm getting my house in order and only have a few things I need to order, so it's not so bad. I STILL haven't fixed the dryer and honestly I want to see if I can do that right now because it feels like it will never get done. I'm also feeling too big to be useful. Like you, I get out of breath really easy. It's really hard to bend down to pick things up, too,and my back pain has been crippling at times (I have an injury as it is, so the pregnancy weight doesn't help.) Though, speaking of weight, no gain since my last appointment so far!

So, we rearranged our vacation days but had to switch hotels, but got a REALLY great price because my cousin works at this particular hotel so we got it for like $45 a night or something crazy inexpensive like that.

And I'm getting tons of writing done, too. This draft is 2/3's done. But yikes, the pressure is on to finish before the baby gets here. I'm really feeling overwhelmed with everything I have left to do!
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