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May 18th, 2013, 04:38 PM
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My son was induced and I got an epidural, and then with my daughter I went into labor on my own and did it all natural - no drugs, IVs, or anything. I would love to have another natural birth. I found recovery much easier. Anyways, now I find myself pregnant with twins. I haven't yet met with my midwife, so I don't know what her protocol is...but I did at least call her office and she will still take me even though its twins...yay!! I didn't want to have to switch, but thought it could be a possibility because many midwives think its too high risk. Now I have to find out if they'll still let me do water birth or if the hospital will say twins are too high risk for that.... Anyways...if anyone could direct me to natural birth stories for twins, or share any info or tips here, I'd appreciate it.

Birth is still a long ways off for me...I'm still in the first trimester...but this twin thing is all new to me, so I'm excited and eager to read all I can about it.

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