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May 18th, 2013, 06:41 PM
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I don't exactly hold back. I mean I don't go crazy on them or anything, but I do tell them what I think. LOL I told the lady at Sears that pregnant women trying on maternity clothes should not be lifting a stroller with a toddler in it over some crap that could easily go somewhere else, um perhaps the nearby mattress section? I told her she should really let her management know as it's not safe to lift heavy things while pregnant, and who else is going to shop in that part of the store other than pregnant people?

Then I told the first lady at Walmart that as the mother of the child that took the very small sample bite of what looks like to him a chocolate covered granola bar, I am sure it is safe for him. I also asked that if it's not safe why is she putting it out on a platter to tempt everyong that walks by? I mean, it isn't alcohol or anything. Plus, I AM THE MOTHER AND I SAID HE COULD HAVE IT! LOL

Then the cashier I told her that she should really learn how to bag groceries, since that is her job. I said it isn't safe nor sanitary to put pet food/supplies or cleaning supplies in the same bag as ones food. People can get sick and it's gross. When she told me fine, you can put it in whatever back you want, I replied that I was just trying to educate her since it's her job and would probably be beneficial for her future customers.

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