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May 18th, 2013, 10:44 PM
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Wow feels like I have been gone a while yet not at all
How is everyone? What did I miss? I saw Jen's loss and I am so sad

I had a good time- somewhat drama (long story) but in the end it was good. The kids didn't leave our side so there wasn't much relaxing but it was fun
It was hard seeing so many babies all around... and mamas who were pg with small babies. I almost cried a few times but I think the Femara is really making my emotional.

Stopped the progesterone 13dpo. I got AF on the cruise at 20DPO so my experiment worked I guess lol! So timing worked to do this cycle and do not have to miss this one
I finished Femara yesterday- 7.5mg and I have a scan Monday CD10 yay for earlier! If everything looks good we will be doing the IUI Wednesday or Thursday.

Going to call the UR Monday and hope they have the prolactin results back to see if DH needs the MRI. And then the other IVF clinic apt. 6-10
I PRAY AND HOPE we don't need it and this IUI works! I feel really good this cycle!!

Missed you ladies and thought about you gals a lot
Due with #3
10 IUIs= one confirmed /IVF= BFN / FET= / FET2= Baby!
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