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May 19th, 2013, 01:31 AM
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Do you have a daily/weekly/monthly family routine? Something that you do on a specific day/week of a month?

Not really. We don't really have any routine apart from Scott going to work. Eve doesn't have a routine because there is no "need" for us to. Not yet anyway. Once we start homeschooling I'll probably get a bit more organised haha.

Originally Posted by ShelleyB80 View Post
From Sunday night through Friday afternoon, I work 7:30 to 4 - pick up the boys from daycare, and go home. It's just the three of us. From Friday afternoon through Sunday night, I have all three of the kids by myself. For awhile, all of us (including DH) would do something together like an outdoor activity on Saturdays. But that has stopped due to DH being stubborn and irrational.

Ever since we separated, Emily lives with DH at his parent's house because her daycare is right down the street. The boys' daycare is near my house. It's complicated, annoying, and sad for the kids. But that's how it is. We're moving next Friday into a new house - all of us. I'm both excited and terrified.
Awww I bet you can't wait to have all your children back with you!

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