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May 19th, 2013, 02:47 AM
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Originally Posted by A.Sue8 View Post
I have a booger bulb and I also use boogie blaster saline wipes after he cries and has dry boogies around his nose. I must admit if I see a booger in his nose I pick it with my pinky finger..GROSS I know but for some reason I can handle it..If someone else got a booger on me I'd lose whatever happened to be in my stomach at the moment. The only time i've used the bulb is when we've had a spit up come out of the nose, otherwise it doesn't have enough suction to get the booger balls up there.
Yeah, she gave me this look when I did that, and I explained to her: That's what mothers do. We pick boogers out of your nose." I then proceeded to wipe it on my jeans having nothing else at that moment to take care of it. Oh, glamorous motherhood.
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