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May 19th, 2013, 05:18 AM
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Hi ladies and gents.. While I am scared and worried about who the father of my baby is.. I am totally in love with the life I have in me. Here's a rundown of the situation I am facing:

My boyfriend and I broke up early February. I had an unfortunate drunken one night stand with a friend on Feb 10(day 25 of my cycle). I took the plan B pill the next day on Feb 11. Feb 18 I got my period. It came at the normal time it was supposed too, the flow was normal and it lasted for as long as it was supposed too (5 days).

I don't have a normal 28 day cycle - I have a 33 day cycle. When I've done ovulation testing in the past I tended to ovulated early in my cycle day 10/11-15) I got back together with my boyfriend at the end of February. We had sex March 1 and 3. I took a pregnancy test on March 22 and it was positive. I have seen my doctor and she said based on my LMP, my due date is November 25th and possible conception was March 4.

When I went for an ultrasound, thinking I was 10 weeks, 4 days, the tech told me I was measuring a bit larger (11 weeks 2 days) and said my due date should be November 20th.

I am upset and worried ... Who would be the father?

Has anyone else gone through a similar situation? I know this stress is terrible for both the baby and I, but I can't stop worrying.
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