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May 19th, 2013, 05:21 AM
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Originally Posted by QL1516 View Post
Hopefully the violent imagery in my head is ok for the babe.
This could go either way (I know you were joking sorta, but this is important!):

Stress is bad for you and baby. If the imagery is causing you to get more upset (like if you're giving yourself an adrenaline rush by thinking about it more than you need to in order to deal with the situation at hand) then yeah; it's not super-great. Perhaps a distraction of some kind would be more helpful.

If the imagery is giving you a release of some kind and letting you be less-upset sooner, then go nuts and let your imagination run wild.

Basically the shortest path to being calm and collected is the one you wanna pick.

That said, it's pretty natural to have a short fuse during pregnancy. Unless you're some kind of zen master, you're going to feel like momzilla rather often, and probably the occasional imbecile is going to annoy you quite a bit more than usual.

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