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May 19th, 2013, 07:31 AM
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Yes, we will definitely have a baby boy circumsized. TBH, with my oldest I didn't even realize people (in developed areas of the world) didn't get it done.

So both my boys were circ'd. I agree with the others that I would rather do something early on where they don't remember it than to have problems develop later on.

I know some would argue that to do something in order to *maybe* prevent problems later on is silly, like you wouldn't remove tonsils just in case, but the procedure is fairly quick and simple and recovery is quick too.

I will say that it bothers me when people say: his body, his choice, because obviously there are a lot of things we make choices about that impact our kids' bodies. Or when people compare it to mutilation.

I didn't have my daughter's ears pierced, but I would never tell someone who did pierce their daughter's ears that they aren't respecting her body or are mutilating her.
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