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May 19th, 2013, 01:49 PM
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I think it will happen when your body and the baby is ready. With my first, the last month I was relaxed and EAGER. I was walking, jogging, jumping, eating spicy food, doing the deed. I tried to get him out. I was 40wks and 4 days. I hadnt gotten to bed until 3am and woke up with contractions at 730, I was mad because I thought they were just "stupid braxton hicks" so I got up went to the bathroom, and got into bed. My fiance asked Baby?? And my reply was "no just stupid braxton hicks!) I rolled over and not 5 minutes later we heard a loud pop lol and of course the bed got wet lol. He said I told you! Baby! Lol. So I was more than ready but I waited for the baby.
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