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May 19th, 2013, 03:56 PM
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It has always been something for other people to 'give' a new mom in my family... so I wont be giving myself one... this is honestly the first time I've been close enough to my family (in location) to think they might throw one for me, but only my sister has asked if I'm having one and I don't know if that was a sign she might do it, or if she just wondered if she was going to get an invite to one.
Also we are waiting to see if baby is a girl or boy and I think a lot of people that would come would give me a hard time if they felt the need to buy me a present and didn't know the gender of the baby... So... I don't know. I think it would be super fun to decorate my back yard with streamers and balloons and picnic tables and have a BBQ, but I also feel weird if I were to plan it myself...
I don't mind the traditional showers, but I've also had two of them now and I think I'd just like a party... guys and gals allowed, and lots of food, maybe skip the traditional games and get some horseshoes and other outdoors games to play? Maybe do a pot-luck type thing and have people bring their favorite dishes... I'm dreaming a bit here, cause I seriously doubt I'll have a shower at all.
I also like the idea of having people bring frozen casseroles for us for after baby arrives... but 1. I do not have a freezer big enough for that, and 2. my daughter is allergic to milk and milk products and asking for milk free casseroles is kinda hard for me to do considering I don't even have 3 casserole recipes myself that are milk!
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