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May 20th, 2013, 02:40 AM
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I've never done something like this so please excuse me if I posted this somewhere completely wrong..

For the past 6 months I've been driving my friends crazy with my questions about miscarriage and pregnancy afterward and I believe I'm starting to become a bother so I figured I'd join a site specifically for these kind of questions.

Anyhow, to get to the point, almost 6 months ago my fiance and I went experienced every expecting couples nightmare, a miscarriage at 9 weeks. I ended up having a D&C, even though I really wasn't to comfortable with the idea because I have heard that sometimes they can cause scarring and even more problems conceiving, I got talked into it by my doctor who, by the way, was extremely unsympathetic to me and my loss! Nevertheless, both of us were terribly disappointed because this would've been our first child and we've been trying ever since our loss with sadly no results. Since the D&C my cycles have been even more irregular then they were before I got pregnant. I would bleed for a few days randomly and then would get a somewhat normal period a few weeks after, then the next month it seemed to be almost twice as long but all these strange "periods" I suppose I would call them were always a lot lighter then they were before as well. I shared my concern with my doctor and she assured me that it was probably just my body trying to reboot its system so I just waited it out and eventually they became a little more regular. It's now May and like I said my attempt to get back the little piece of my fiance and I that I lost has had no success. I've tried using those ovulation kits to make the perfect baby making time for me more apparent but I never got any results, more so because I could never be patient enough to wait till morning to test and I was convinced that if I got the timing right the first time I'd have the same luck again. Besides my sex life is fairly regular so I figured we'd be good but after getting my hopes up numerous times, we're still with no bun in my oven : ( I am starting to feel like something is wrong with me..

I'm rambling, the whole point of this post is because I need you experienced ladies to help me in the situation I'm currently in. As of May 30th I will be 2 months late, and probably still terribly, terribly confused. I told myself I wouldn't take a test till the end of May because I've had a history of irregular cycles and there have been months that have been skipped in the past but I broke down and took one a few days ago because I just had to know, the suspense was killing me! Unfortunately though I got a fairly faint negative. But I took the test in the middle of the day, I only waited a few minutes before taking the negative as a definite no and I was using an off brand test. I'm trying to pull every reason the test could possibly be wrong, if you haven't noticed. All I really wanna know is if there is a possibility I could still be pregnant? Could the test be wrong? Could my irregular schedule maybe make the possibility that I just ovulated later and conceived later then I thought be an option? Maybe I'm just a little behind on raising my hcg levels or maybe I'm one of the few cases that don't get a positive hpt till later on in the pregnancy? I know I probably sound crazy but I'm trying to scrape up every possibility I have of being happy again.

If the 30th rolls around and my period still doesn't I plan on making an appointment with a new obgyn, hopefully one a hell of a lot better then my first because I know there are also some medical issues associated with missed periods as well. I would just like a few opinions or any kind of advice anyone is willing to offer. Thanks again ladies and sorry again if I've been a bit of a bore.
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