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May 20th, 2013, 10:43 AM
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ok I will start posting here too but sorry the first is a rant

Sometimes my neighbours are so frustrating and child like !!! We all live with in a couple miles from each other 3 are SIL then there is 2 of us that are not related. They are all younger but still it is always a completion over who is closer with who! We all have children the same age so they are going to birthday party and stuff together.
I took Cohen to a birthday party, Kyren was getting dropped off there from a sleepover she had at one of the other parents place. Kyren was upset because she was not invited to the party but the girls house she was at their whole family was invited. Kyren is fine and not totally crushed by this because we talked about it, but still. I go pick Cohen up and the parent that stayed with her hole family was just being a B*tch !! I get so mad because our kids are all friends but I can not stand the parents !!!

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