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May 20th, 2013, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by *Jennifer* View Post
Sorry if my post sounded snarky. I do apologize. A rule would be something like coloring on the floor. While it is not harming others or himself and it is easy as pie to clean, it is not acceptable. Of course I try redirection first and if he continues to color on the floor he gets a times out. I will say though that it did backfire on me once when he colored on the floor and walked himself to timeout. I could just see what was going on in his head..."Yeah Mom, I know...time out, but this is sooo worth it."

Also, wanted to add in that my Mom and MIL take care of Billy while I work, so I have to enforce rules I know they would have at their house too. I know coloring on the floors would be unacceptable there and it would be confusing to him if he could do it at home, but not at those places.
See, to me, coloring on the floor is harmful of property. We wouldn't allow it either, especially because they can just color on paper. We did, however, paint their walls with chalkboard paint so they could use chalk on the walls in their room. They were interested for a week and then lost interest, not only in drawing in those walls but on drawing on things they shouldn't in general lol

As I see it, all rules stem from respect of self, respect of others, and respect of property. So, coloring on the floor is hurtful towards property and toward others (because even if it's easy to clean, it is upsetting to me to see it). I see it the same as teasing someone. Words don't physically hurt anyone, but if it's bothering the other person, it's still hurting them, so we wouldn't allow that.

That said, there are some things my kids are allowed to do at home that I wouldn't want them to do outside of home, but I think part of growing up is learning "time and place". Yes, it's a hard concept for a child to learn, but eventually they do learn that different places have different rules, and part of being a well-behaved/respectful person is learning to follow rules somewhere even if those rules differ from the rules at home.
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