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May 20th, 2013, 12:47 PM
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I've had 5 c-esctions & this will be my 6th (& probably my last... which I'm NOT happy about). #2 was stalled labor, #4 was an emergency c-section, & even though I went on to have spontaneous labor with #5, they refused to let me have another VBAC & instead delivered me repeat c-section.... #6 was emergency c-section & again #7 was another repeat c-section.

I started facing crticism when I was having #5, which was my 3rd c-section -- but it honestly wasn't due to any type of scar tissue or any other issue like that because I asked following my delivery -- it was because my family size.

With #6, again they jumped down my throat about another c-section because I was 'a risk'

With #7 I faced enormous criticism because first, it was my 7th child & second, because I was now putting 'their' practice at risk because of the risk of complications. Again though, I was assured by the delivering OB, that scar tissue, etc. was NOT an issue. My delivering OB gave me the green light to safely have another child, which of course they insisted would have to be c-section, but was told that if I should 'turn up' pregnant again, that I should consider going to another facility.
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